697b. Thu 2/5/19: Flight Club Victoria, Westminster, London

Beer: Beavertown Neck Oil IPA 4.3%

Part of a works do in London. Wasn’t going to write this up but, as I’ve been a completist thus far…

Arrived at the Flight Club, darts themed pub in Victoria, for the second half of a highly successful and extremely well received team day out for our department.

Most of the those employed therein are younger than I, most are fun loving/extrovert types; and good for them.

Now – LET’S PLAY DARTS!!!!!!!!! LOL ;-O

I felt very much a fish out of water. I do not fit the demographic – certainly of this place (and, increasingly, of the department).

This struck me as a city centre venue for folk who “work hard and play hard”. You gotta love those guys. The atmosphere is young, vibrant, relentlessly upbeat ‘n’ fun. The Beavertown beer is much the same – too citrussy for me, but there’s clearly a market for this kind of thing.

Suffice to say that Flight Club is not the kind of place I’d normally touch with a bargepole but, as far as I could make out, my colleagues were having a fantastic time. I was extremely happy to let them do that, decided against further oche bothering, and left rather early.

No pics.


445a. Fri 13/7/18: Harveys at The Four Horseshoes, Luton

Beer: Heineken International Newcastle Brown Ale (bottled) 4.7%

Gig nights, all too often, are emergency beer nights. This manifests itself as either a time to resort to bottles (so avoiding Greene King IPA or Abbot) or, in London, taking out a loan and hitting the craft taps.

Harveys, strictly speaking, is The Horseshoes’ function room. It’s airless, windowless and up a flight of stairs and, thus, boiling. Tonight’s potential audience at the Vandalism Begins at Home night may have been affected, either by this heat, or by the prospect of Arndales, the last act on tonight, who are getting on and don’t play particularly friendly music.

The heat also affects the general energy levels in the venue, although the bands before Arndales move around in shows of youthful enthusiasm.

Huge kudos to the Vandalisms, Luton Live/s and all who sail with them. Luton’s a tough nut to crack when it comes to persuading people, in numbers, to engage with cultural events, though there are always a few excellent people out there, making things happen. The evening’s enjoyable. Minus the heat. Some jigging about in time to Arndales was observed, although merch sales were sluggish.

57. Fri 14/4/17: Taberna Los T3ceros, Seville

Beer: Cruzcampo 5%

Terceros on the newspaper on the bar; T3ceros on the menus. Not sure what the 3 is about but, trying to establish whether this is a typo, I think I get caught staring at the bar logo t-shirt emblazoned on a bar lady’s chest.

The bar is round the corner from El Rinconcillo – in a small square of bars that cannot hope to compete, but vie for the overspill. This young pretender refreshingly has no religious tat on the walls – instead there are some rather nice black and white photographs on Sevillian life. On closer inspection I decide they’re not that good – mostly taken from too high a vantage point, too grainy and/or out of focus… it must have been the volume of Cruzcrappo drunk thus far in the evening that led to believe I had the authority to criticise others’ photography; me, taking piss poor pot shots on me iphone…

Anyway, we get a table, write postcards (which don’t arrive back in Blighty) and get more beer in.

495a. Sat 6/10/18: The Bricklayers Arms, Luton

Beer: Titanic Chocolate & Vanilla Stout

A post football pint, to discuss the continuing progress of The Hatters. This afternoon, Scunthorpe dispatched, 3-2. The half-time score, 2-1. I suggested I’d take 2-1 as the second half kicked off; CJ  accurately predicted our going 3-1 up and the Scunts grabbing a second, deep into injury time. CJ was spot on; this video proves it.

The Chocolate and Vanilla Stout isn’t quite up there with Titanic’s Plum Porter, but it’s a great pint, despite the outrageous mix and mash of ingredients and flavours.

There’s some old shite Premier game on. Plucky Newcastle are giving one of the more fancied teams a run for their money. We nearly get into a chat with a table gazing at the screen when we applaud CJ out of the pub, but the situation fizzles out.

448c. Sun 15/7/18: TAPPS Micropub, Llandudno

Beer: Evan Evans WPA 4.2%

Christine wasn’t hungry this evening so I nipped out from the B & B for a bite to eat. Somewhat more than a bite to eat in fact, a double cheeseburger and chips at The Albert across the road.

Couldn’t resist popping into this great micropub on way home. Ticks all the boxes. Tuesday nights, they have a cheese night where they lay on a large cheeseboard free for all drinkers. When it’s gone, it’s gone. There’s a pisshead at the bar. He tries to catch approx 20 beermats off the edge of the bar. He doesn’t catch one.

I take my drink outside. Nice keg of water and bowl outside for thirsty canines. The pisshead and his girl join me on the bench (what do you do?). He’s a local who works for the NHS nearby. He’s got a week off with a bad back, he’s doing well on it. It’s a manageable situation, we talk football, he’s a scouser and supports Liverpool. He can’t believe he’s met a Luton fan in Llandudno. He’s off to the Wethy up the road although he said he’s barred. In the words of a tabloid reporter, I make my excuses and leave. Finish my pint first though.

124. Sat 1/7/17: Bricklayers Arms, Luton

Beer: B&T Hightown Festival Ale 4%, Nethergate County 4%

Love the Hightown Festival… it was great last year. This year I’m slightly perturbed by the weather being a bit overcast, a bit muggy – and my KO brethren not being in the pub when they said they would be. Talbot is in the pub and, seats being at a premium, comes over to sit on my (otherwise empty) table. He tells me not to remove my iPod headphones (I’m listening to JAZZ) ‘cause he’s plugged in too – he’s plugged into to a Sony Portable Play Station, and he’s watching Alien. Good film… odd choice maybe.

Leighton eventually turns up, and Talbot gets more chatty.

The gig is alright. Not bad. I wear my Pakistani hat (embellished with a felt fox badge that Jackie made); we all wear the green bowling shirt – apart from me brother. It appears that this line of KO garb, like most of the others, pre-dates L8s (who somehow found himself in possession through AJK).

We seem to go down reasonably well. Not so the Nethergate County – which is off. I heroically get Steph to change it, while I busy myself in taking on the persona of the percussive popstar that the good people of Hightown demand.

Stephanie and I don’t take the chance of sticking around to see Arndales at The Well later on. The Well clientele were getting a bit raucous in late afternoon when we were about. Apparently the gig went well, but the crowd were (as is traditionally the way at the Brickies’ evil twin) Well dodgy.

392b. Mon 16/4/18: Casco Antiguo, Almería

Beer: Cruzcampo 5.0%

Almeria’s night life reflects Almeria’s day life. Busy but relaxed. Family-friendly.

CK, CW and I decide to have a quick Cruzcampo at Casco Antiguo, a trendy looking place with a fusiony meddling of its tapas. (Which is good for me; I attack a Chinese Spring Roll and some veg tempura with gusto). We end up having a few beers, chewing the fat and trying to work out what sort of film Tepapa* might have been. Orson Welles is in it. It (or part of it) was filmed where the Casco Antiguo now plies its trade.

*Turns out Tepapa was an Italian/Spanish western.