94. Sat 6/5/17: The Bricklayers Arms, Luton

Beer: Lincoln Green Porter 4.7%, Nethergate Mary’s Ruby Porter 4.5%

Luton Town 3      Morecambe 1

A couple of bets to be paid off. Paul Fuller and I have a bet every season, for a wager of five English pounds and a pack of pork scratchings. It always takes too long to arrange, is always mock-acrimonious, and I always lose. This season, and only arranged a few weeks ago, it was how many goals would Town score away. My guess was on or about an average of a goal and a bit per game – and the next match they scored four at Yeovil. Think it was Yeovil. Anyway, I lost again.

There’s also the last goal scorer sweep which has been rolling over for ages. There’s £45 in the purse – and Wilf wins it (having picked out Jack Marriott). So, there was that to give over too. Wilf and Paul are happy then.

At least Paul would be – but the Lincoln Green Porter doesn’t look or taste up to standard. He likes a beer whinge (and a fiver, and several pork scratchings). The Nethergate Porter is much nicer and clearer.

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